Passive Inspired Modern Homes

Passive Inspired Modern Homes

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Clarum specializes in building custom modern homes with an emphasis on energy efficiency and sleek, clean lines throughout. Following the modern principles of unifying art, craft and technology, Clarum is known for its modern design sensibility and construction of luxurious, energy-efficient, comfortable homes. The use of innovative technology and cutting-edge processes and products allows us to deliver stunning modern designs, built to your custom specifications.

There are many advantages to building a custom home. The most obvious is creative control and customization. You get to choose the features, materials, design, counters, cabinets, electrical layout, windows, trim, and more. You also can build on a site of your choosing.

Specific benefits of building a custom home:

  • Retain creative control and customization choices
  • Ensure your home is built to your high standards
  • Build in the location you choose
  • Create a partnership between you and your builder
  • Save money in the long term through greater energy efficiency
  • Safeguard your home from toxic building materials

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